BRAINCANDIES Live Session 16 – So Diverse So Similar

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5 inspiring personalities from diverse cultural background living in Eindhoven will tell their stories, journey, and vision with a focus on diversity.


And for ONE member of the audience who will feel truly awesome, we will give him/her the chance to improvise a talk at the end of the session, just like Dorangela did last time. We will decide this together on August 30th in the Natlab, Eindhoven.

Come and join to share this experience with us, meet new people and have a drink. Social learning guaranteed!

As you know we like to keep the atmosphere cozy. We will have only 50 people in the room so make sure to claim your FREE ticket.

If you claimed your ticket and you will not be able to make it, please let us know.

You can check what happened in the past sessions at: or check our facebook page

Things to do:
19.00 – 19.15: Meet and greet with coffee and tea
19.15 – 21.30: intro + #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION
21.30 – 22:30 wedoDRINKS

6 Speakers – 5 minutes each –

Stern Hutjes – Encompass: helping international students step outside their bubbles

2 out of 3 international students feel lonely sometimes. Integration in another country can be hard. especially language and feeling like an outsider makes the threshold for socialising with locals high. Internationals tend tot stick together and the purpose of international education gets lost.
The solution is fairly simple, just initiate a conversation and you will find how much you have in common, despite your differences. Buy where do you start? Stern is developing an app that lets people from different bubbles meet in a Playful way.

Tim Hendriksen – “Can you hold my glasses?” “Would you only hold them? Or take a peak?”

A personal story on how people who are so diverse can have a lot of similarities, and how these
interactions can enrich your look on the world.
I encourage people to try on different glasses to enrich their minds and enrich the world

Barbara ter Huurne – Pimp your perception!

For this session I would like to talk about the similarity in triggers we have in evolution, making us have the same drivers whilst we think we are so different. I would like to promote acceptance of different perceptions and explain why we think we are different.

Ritika Mehra – What’s my culture? What’s my identity?

One’s identity and culture is unique, made up of different aspects thanks to education, experiences, upbringing and roots. In this day and age where the world is becoming smaller thanks to the convenience of travel, communication and media, cultural identity is now fluid and intermixed.

Our surprise speaker – You?

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#BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION 16 is powered by Gemeente Eindhoven and Baltan Laboratories.

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