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Larry Gus + S.T. Cordell

S.T. Cordell

The teaser video for S.T. Cordell’s Reunion Europa tour evokes nothing less than the likes of Can and Neu! — and, like its late-60’s-era predecessors, the Eindhoven-based group must be seen in person to be appreciated. Incorporating Arabic and African influences in their latest improvisational performances, the psychedelic grooves of S.T. Cordell continues defy easy categorization — except, of course, the fact that it is music to dance to.

Larry Gus

Under the moniker Larry Gus, electronic musician Panagiotis Melidis crafts danceable, psych-influenced tunes that will find an audience among fans of the likes of Four Tet and Bibio. From sample-based polyrhythms to pop songcraft, Larry Gus fits nicely in the DFA Records roster, and his high-energy, improvisational performances are not to be missed.

oktober 28 2016


Begin: 28 oktober 2016
Eind: 29 oktober 2016
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