Everyday Circus /w Zoo Children, The Moods | Eindhoven, NL

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Everyday Circus komt naar Blue Collar Hotel samen met vrienden van Zoo Children en The Moods.

Doors: 20:30
Begin: 21:00

Kaarten kosten 7 euro in de VVK en 10 euro aan de deur.

Tickets bestel je hier: https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/everyday-circus-falling-tour-2016

Everyday Circus will debut their first full-length album Mirrors on Jan 15, 2016. It contains timeless rock music, both brutal and beautiful.
If you wish to be able to read minds, maybe you should start by reading your own. those who say “it will never change”, are right – IT will stay that way. But YOU don’t have to!
Since last summer, the four guys from South West Germany have been working on their debut. They rehearsed everyday and then relocated to a remote farm to lay the foundation for their record. 2015 was dedicated wholly to perfectionism. The resulting music is as diverse as the feelings that evoked it.
For many, rock is like a movie past its happy ending. The princess has bitten the apple again but Everyday Circus give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Sounding timeless without drowning in nostalgia. Being 2016 without needing to.
Because zeitgeist is really just that, a ghost. And who believes in ghosts?


november 11 2016


Begin: 11 november 2016
Eind: 12 november 2016
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Blue Collar Theater

Klokgebouw 10 Eindhoven, 5617 AA Netherlands

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