Expositie: Silence of the Amps

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A project by Gert41, who is an all-round artist applying an immediate, hands-on approach to the process of creation. He instantly starts shaping an idea when it comes to mind. This means that the work is produced in a rapid tempo, as an on-going accumulation of ideas. Ideas which call for different approaches, techniques and methods, stimulating the artist to work in several disciplines such as sculpting, painting, filming and photography.

Common themes in his work are to combine opposites and letting them co-exist is the artist’s main drive. By transforming objects into images in different ways (changing context and simple interventions), the work at first glance comes across as ironic.

A lab as a (dis)functional workspace for ideas is what Silence of the Amps explores and shares. A repository for opportunities, questioning the role of the artist himself as well as the spectators’ role by staging the environment as a process of creation. Or the other way around: the creation of a work-in-progress as an environment.

Gert41: Lets talk about the invisible, look at the sound, listen to a sculpture. Background noise, foreground sound and vice versa. I am here to serve and after this I will no longer exist. I will be back for more.

As part of Hallo Cultuur! the vintage equipment of the Silence of the Amps installation will be given away during the dismantling of the installation on September 6th, between 15:00 – 17:00.


juli 21 2015


Begin: 21 juli 2015
Eind: 6 september 2015
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