Jayke Orvis & the (unofficial) Broken Band + Tio Gringo

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Jayke Orvis & the Broken Band.

Jayke Orvis, Mandoline and Banjo player, Marlboro smoker and Jet Setter.

A founding member of The .357 String Band and current member of the Goddamn Gallows, Jayke Orvis is ahead of his time even though he plays timeless music. The songs on his solo effort “It’s All Been Said” are articles of the heart, exposing Orvis as a fragile, troubled soul. His depictions of love are raw and blue, the pages of his life littered throughout this album.

Tio Gringo

The perfect solution to any mood disorder.
Operating from Suck City a.k.a. Breda, The Netherlands, this band was formed 7 years ago and plays country trash along the lines of Bob Wayne, Hank III, etc.. Its past and present members have their roots in bands like Batmobile, Gecko Brothers, The Toasters and Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation. The result is a mix that renders your throat go dry, and instantly increases your appetite for beer, whiskey or any type of strong liquid medicine for that matter.

Country Trash to the MAX!

The band has some serious D.I.Y. ethics; the drumkit for instance is selfmade out of a cementtub and some pots and pans. Their records have been recorded in the home studio of Eric Haamers (Batmobile). The primary goal is to keep their music as pure as it can be, without too much fancy stuff. Tio Gringo will continue playing in venues, bars and festivals, like they did at, for example, Muddy Roots Europe, Speedfest, Scumbash, Breda Barst, 013, and Moonshine Madness or as support act for bands like Peter Pan speedrock, Danny Vera, Bob Wayne, Deaf Americans, The Pine box Boys, The Goddamn Gallows and The Monsters.

Line up:
Mo – Vocals | Peter – Rhythm Guitar | Jeroen – Solo Guitar
Joris – Double Bass | DJ – Pots and Pans

januari 14 2018


Datum: 14 januari
Tijd: 15:30 - 21:30
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