ThingsCon Salon – Make your home work for you

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Sensors will be everywhere, also in your home: as part of smart devices and appliances, fixed to your home or brought in by yourself. Connected and smart will be the default.
This brings new opportunities for products and services, but also comes with new challenges. How to have the sensors work for you, and not for vendors of the appliances? Design choices play a big part here, and really understanding the sensors is both inspiring and necessary to make the best products.

In this Salon we dive deep in both understanding sensing and understanding the consequences for design. VPRO Medialab teams up with ThingsCon Amsterdam and VanBerlo to work together on this Salon.

The Salon consists of two parts: a workshop and a Meetup.
16:00 – 18:00: Workshop
During the workshop by the VanBerlo team, you will create concepts for intelligent systems in the kitchen that help improve our daily routines. You’ll then get to pitch your concept during the Meetup event that will be held in the evening.
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19:00 – 22:00: Meetup
At 19:00 the Meetup starts. We have invited speakers that will cover different aspects of the design for the smart home that works for you. Programme:

19.30: Opening by Iskander Smit (ThingsCon) & Annelies Termeer (VPRO Medialab)

19:40: Talk by Juanita Devis

20:00 Workshop impressions: we will share the workshop learnings in short in this Meetup.

20:20 Talk by Koen Beljaars, UX Designer, and Pim van der Meer, Design Engineer

20:40 Pitches from the Sensor Thinkathon: during the day teams of Design Academy students, VPRO storytellers and other creatives explore the storytelling potential of the sensing home. Can you use sensors in media, in telling stories and engaging audiences in innovative ways? The teams will give short presentations on their future visions.

21:00 Talk by Lenneke Kuijer (TUDelft)

21:20: Drinks.

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mei 17 2018


Datum: 17 mei 2018
Tijd: 20:00 - 23:00
Prijs: Gratis
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