Workshop on Fictional World Building

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Workshop on Fictional World Building

What if nature’s data determines the stock market and the earth’s health determines prices? That’s exactly what artist Monique Grimord is trying to find out with her Economia project TerraEconomics. As a prelude of Economia festival she will host a workshop on Fictional World Building at Baltan Laboratories. Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Grimord is introducing the methodology of Fictional World Building. In this performative exercise of speculative design, personas, dialogue and fiction creation are used as an inspiration space to develop artifacts and systems that could populate the world inside the premise of TerraEconomics. Together with her you will imagine artifacts, structures, interactions, and aesthetics of an alternative economy using collaborative world building, fictional characters, and design as performance. The end result is a narrative artifact, an object that serves as a speculative fabulation through its form and function.

Excercise in speculative design
We are familiar with the current situation we find our earth in, and that our relationship with our man-made surroundings is at the nucleus of the problem. If the status quo is no longer an option, than it is important to experiment beyond methodologies such as human-centered design or design thinking. What if we seek to design for ‘unreality’, a world that could have been, but isn’t? Neither utopian or dystopian, but design as provocation, design as radical alternatives, as future-telling, as insights that can serve our current reality.

Inspired by thinkers and makers paving the speculative movement, such as Dunne and Raby’s United Micro-Kingdoms, Donna Haraway’s Speculative Fabulation, Ian Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology, and Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina’s VVFA, Monique Grimord’s Fictional World Building expresses the methodology through a collaborative exercise of play-acting, dialogue, improvisation, and fabulation. Expect a journey that leaves you with a new lens, a sense-making tool that serves as a powerful ally in the design process. Read more on this over here:

This workshop is organized in collaboration with Fictional Collective and Plug In City and part of the Circular Economy Residence of Monique.

During her residency, Grimord has focused on the fictional world of ‘TerraEconomics’. In this world, the stock market is no longer determined by human supply and demand, but by an algorithm that calculates financial value corresponding with the health of the earth and the resources we extract from it. For Economia festival she develops a wearable, a tool for a financial speculator to read the earth’s data, a possible equivalent of stock markets. In this workshop, by using the fictional world building methodology, you will further inhabit the world of ‘TerraEconomics’.

februari 10 2017


Datum: 10 februari 2017
Tijd: 13:00 - 18:00
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